Silver Ticket in Cloud

Posted on December 15, 2019 | 2 minute read

Cloudiness in Web

With advent of new PAAS and FAAS servcies the scalability, development and deployment of web application has become easier as compared to traditional approach. Function as a service has been the talk of the town from quite some time. Deployment has never been easier for a web app/api. With FAAS and microservice concept the goto production time has been cut to minimum. Just like every other platform technology, FAAS security is the end customer/consumer's responsibility. Customer is responsible for putting a secure logic and has to take care of securing deployment secrets, account settings and code. FAAS platform out of the box provides some secure/insecure features (security has to be configured :D). In this article we will try to explore how a single vulnerable API can lead to compromise of entire application and cloud resources. Here is my attempt to getting SILVER ticket for application cloud resources.

FAAS: Vulnerable API Case

This is a simple case where REST API hosted on FAAS is running some logic to find health state of service/device.

API seems to be working fine but with a few pickle-y inputs it started to behave strangely.

After successfully exploiting the existing vulnerability, I was able to locate the application ID & Secret aka service principal. Based on my basic understanding this is my silver ticket as this holds access to all resources within a service by design.

Let us use this to login to cloud management shell to find what all resources are owned by this particular service principal.

Login to cloud shell was successful. Next, let us list down the resources.

My Silver Ticket

So here goes my silver ticket for 36 resources.

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